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Terms and Conditions

• Please do not abandon important personal belongings or valuable paraphernalia, unsecured in your room. Hotel will not stand responsible for the loss of guest’s property.
• ALost and found items should be handovered to the appropriate authorities of the Hotel.
• Its obligatory that the primary guest should be above the age of 18.
•In-room dining facility is availed, but the guest should take care about the cleanliness of the room.
•All the guests above 18 years will be asked to present valid identity verification proof (Driving License/ Voter ID Card/ Passport) at the time of check-in.
• According to the hotel rules, the check-in and check-out time is 12 PM. Additional time taken will incur extra charges.
• Children above the age of 6 will have to book for an extra bed.
• Strict action will be formulated against guest, if he/she misbehaves or does inappropriate activities in hotel premises.
• Any damage to the hotel belongings, caused by the guest will be subjected to compensation.
• Certain policies are specific for booking purpose only and are informed to the customer during the booking process.


• We hope that you will relish your stay and make full use of our facilities. Hotel guests are kindly requested to observe the T&C, so that their stay will be comfortable and safe. If guests do not observe these T&C, the Hotel will be obliged to cancel their accommodation if violation of these terms occur.


• Incase there is an extension of stay due to the request from the guests, the request may be accepted depending upon the room availability, current room rates, etc. Current room rates may be different from the rates at which it was booked.


• Payment for all hotel services may be made by cash, credit/debit card, and online modes accepted by the Hotel. Please pay your bills whenever requested by the Front Desk while staying at the Hotel. All bills are due upon demand.
• When a guest wishes to extend his/her departure date, prior notice should be provided to the Front Desk. If an extension of stay is accepted, settlement of past due accounts shall be required.


• If a guest cancels a booking before 48 hours to check-in time, we’ll refund 100% of the booking fee.
• If a guest cancels a booking after check-in time or do not show up at the hotel, charges will be deducted as compensation.
• In case you decide to cut down on your booking days after the check-in date, you will be charged extra for the next 24 hours after the official cancellation. Charges for the remaining nights will be refunded to you.


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